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sábado, 4 de agosto de 2012

Students taking what is ours

students fighting for our rights

Brazil is, historically, a barn of corrupts and actions taken against the people. This party, above illustrated, was given to obtain resources for those standing in the building. Yes, they have taken what justice told was ours, a space for art and human culture, that was on the hands of entrepreneurs and contractors, making a few very rich with concerts and events that were never something to do with being carioca and creative. It was just a vulgar way to make money, but now it is on the right track.

We hope the police dogs and the corrupt state allow us to keep going, without violence and disciplinary measures, or else we will have to fight back by standing still and facing the violence within all the government attitude.  

Ajude o mundo a ser melhor. Denuncie as práticas erradas dos governantes, não elejam corruptos e controladores, acabem com a falsa democracia e ajudem aos que já estão nesta luta a construir um mundo onde a individualidade seja o combustível perfeito para uma vida coletiva.

"Together we stand. Divided we fall"

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