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quinta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2012

Portuguese for Foreigners - part 2

Awesome class with a great north american, Jim, from the US. We talked about brazilian, north american and african cultures, since both of us are very used to live these social expressions. Food, habits, politics and economy were some of our subjects.

Grammatically speaking, I gave him the chance to practice the "subjunctive", showing contexts that demand a specific tense. Present, past and future. Great opportunity to enlarge our horizons, while practicing the idiom.

This is what is reserved for you. If you are coming to Brazil and need private lessons to improve your skills, or even to start the whole process, send an e-mail to, and let's start to talk about it. I am pretty sure you'll enjoy our classes. We can schedule more than just idiom practicing, like tours, parties, traveling.

Rio de Janeiro is waiting. Come on.

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