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sexta-feira, 19 de março de 2010

Ballad of The Mean Navigator

I took the black ship at the ocean shore
a thousand years ago when headed north
to find her dead above the roses seedbed
growing wild 'round the bended sycamore

Life was fine for many years since that spring
breathing one day at a time and most correctly
not much wine to fill this left side heart
where I like to think my child hides sometimes

The navigator showed up again one night
to take away my soul into some innertide
than I took advantage and blew away the waves
"You are doomed, my fellow", told me the first mate

That time I was around with Rosalee
we used to live beside the dogwood trees
I never loved that woman not a single time
but than the captain came and put the blame to stay

These days I wait again for Auley Theodenfred
to bring that fierce wide smile right back to me
for now I know my destiny lies upon an early grave
to watch my dear ones go forward astray

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