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sábado, 6 de julho de 2013

protest updates in Rio


best known as Sérgio Capital, a man of finances, making this state one of the best places to make a fortune that you can find in Latin America. Ok, your investment must be high, but, hey, come on, it is guaranteed. Why are you complaining, man of business? International entrepreneur? Put your money here and make this man and his people very rich! We are the cheapest labor force around. Our minimum wage is the ridiculous amount of R$678. I would say the majority in the city makes between R$800 and R$1200. If someone only gets the bus, this one will pay R$2,75 to go and to come back. This make R$5,50 per day, minimum, to go around. How come someone making that miserable sallary can have fun in a city where the public transportation costs that much? Supermarket is becoming impossible even for those used to deal well in time of crisis. Foreigners are saying everywhere, "This is as much as London", "I feel stolen".


We say.....: CABRAL GET OUT.

Still, we have no formalization of this request, but soon it will emerge.
You just wait. People can no longer take this man and his schemes. 

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