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segunda-feira, 25 de fevereiro de 2013

Portuguese for Foreigners: companies and reality

So, again about Portuguese for foreigners, I am here to make a statement

- We are living a serious time in this business.

A big amount of companies are offering a poor service for students really interested in learning the language. It's a great chance to know other tourists, to party with teachers, to make excursions, but at last to learn a solid program of linguistic experience and trainning.

Just talk. A lot of fun, but no consistency. So, what are you pursuing? Because I can indicate you a place where you can have both, and I am not talking about a place I know, or a friend owns, but the place I work. Most of us, there, are top qualified teachers. UFRJ graduated teachers have always created the standards for every single professional that comes to work at the company. Don't you believe? Than come and see for yourself.


If you want a private teacher, I am going to use the same methods I use at the company, but I cannot offer the chance to meet other foreigners, to do excursions in groups, to keep you up with the agenda. We would have class, you would have fun and learn, but you would be alone.

So, if you are coming to Brazil, look for us, or for me, and learn how to speak with consistency. Don't come to waste your interest in learning with chats. You can have this after classes and it's very important for you to have. Of course we know the importance of conversation and we sure make it happen, but all of it is oriented by semantic and grammatical support. Here you don't pay friends, but teachers. You make friends with your teachers. There's a huge difference, because the primal aspect is never forgotten.

Stay around for more. Até mais!

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